Just in case, you did not notice it already, I am Nina, I am 21 years old and I am a Fashion Promotion student, based in Manchester. I am a fashion enthusiast, a music lover, a passionate writer, an art lover and a geek about all the named topics.

I strongly believe that fashion, music, art and anything else creative is a language that we all speak in some way. Some of us are just deeper into that language than others.

Besides my unconditional love for fashion, I also love reading and a lot of other things. In short terms: welcome to a weirdly creative place on the internet, cheers.

So, just to clear up all the confusions about the blog’s name: it is basically “who is Nina” in French.

If you have ever wondered where all my clothes and inspirations are from, you might find the answer here. Yes. Here. In the worldwide web. On this website. Sounds like a miracle that you have found this site out of millions. So, CONGRATS (and thanks for being here obviously)!

By the way, I apologise in advance for using strong language, for example, the lovely f-word. Let’s be honest, I do curse a lot. So maybe just ignore it when you don’t like it. Or simply just don’t care.

All the love on the planet wherever you might be,

Nina xxx

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