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-“the process of reconstructing or repairing parts of the body by the transfer of tissue, either in the treatment of injury or for cosmetic reasons.”-

This is a collection of visual outcomes that I created as a response to constant beauty pressure for fashion purposes. I did this under the overall aspect “Fashion and the body” for the unit Fashion Promotion 1 at the Manchester Fashion Institute.


A collection of creatively expressed visual research in order to express my ideas that will help me developing a concept.


My 3D outcomes were headpieces that should look like bandages. All three headpieces express the contradiction of beauty and plastic surgeries in a creative way. All of them show the death of the natural beauty. In the first one this is expressed by dead butterflies, the second one looks like a graveside and the third one hides the face.


These pictures should visualise the natural beauty before the surgery and how much the patient is willing to sacrifice their life for fashion. To intense the atmosphere I chose a waiting room setting for the shoot.


My visual answer as a break-free from fashion conventions.


The Magazine “BEAUTY” shows the contradiction between the death of the natural beauty and plastic surgeries. It includes my imagery. To underline the plastic aspect I sewed the magazine in with plastic.

All the styling, set design, ideas, research, filming and outcomes are mine and produced by myself. Many thanks to my two models for supporting and communicating my concepts.


Hello people of the internet!

I do admit that I have neglected this baby for a while- no doubt about that. I simply needed some time to recharge my batteries and let my creativity flow properly again. Creativity is like an old, rusty tap: once you turn it on, it takes ages until proper, clear water comes out. So when you create something, the first outcomes might be rubbish, and it will take time until the creativity flows like clear water.

However. I had a lot of university stuff going on and I left the UK to see my parents for a while. One day, we had lovely sunshine over here and I decided to do a spontaneous outfit shoot. This outfit is actually what I wore on that day. To be honest, we do need more reality in this sugar coated visual world.

So, let’s talk about the main thing, fashion. I am wearing some pair of very basic blue jeans, combined with a vintage blouse, golden and silver jewellery, and a wonderful orange headscarf. I love simple outfits like this one (a lot of people might not consider this outfit as particularly simple, but to me it definitely is). I really like how the accessories bring it to another whole new level. As I wear more patterns and bold colours, this outfit is very basic.

I basically combined two basics that almost everyone has in their wardrobes, and added my personal touch with all the accessories to it. And to me that is what style is about: putting different pieces together in order to create something new that reflects yourself.

I was debating with myself on calling this post “How to style XY”, but I came to the conclusion that there is no point in calling it like that, as I don’t wanna tell anyone what to wear. I want to inspire others more to develop their own style rather than telling them what to wear.

As fashion is all about visuals and your own interpretation, I am gonna finish the writing bit here now. Enjoy the lovely visuals and have a fab day.









I hope you are all having a nice Sunday (hopefully sunny as well, but it is more grey and rainy here to be honest). As the weather is very gloomy today, I don’t really have a lot of deep thoughts to share with you, I don’t know but I just don’t feel enough inspired today hahah. And moreover, these bright visuals don’t really fit together with a sad, deep text. 

I would really like to say that it is this sunny today and I am wearing this gorgeous outfit, but that is sadly not true. I did a shoot of this outfit earlier this week, when suddenly summer came around to bright up the weather for a bit.

I don’t really have a lot to tell this week, apart from the fact that I had a busy week (welcome to the life of a sleep deprived fashion student, the reality is not as glam as everyone assumes).

However, in these pictures, I am wearing a very bold red dress from and other stories from their former spring summer collection. Honestly, it is so comfortable, and every time I wear it a lot of people compliment my outfit choice (the small things like that brighten up your day haha believe me). I paired it together with a collection of my necklaces, they are all from several jewellery selections of a few of my beloved high street shops. The hair clip is from ebay, absolute bargain, I never want to live without it again. 

The bag (which reminds me a lot of the Dior saddle bags to be honest) is from asos. I also wear my very old Chloe inspired Topshop boots (honestly, I bought them for about 7£ and they did a pretty good job so far).

Okay, before I try to write even more unnecessary text, enjoy the visuals. Today they are far better than the text to it, but sometimes it does not need many words to describe something.

Hope you will all have an amazing week,

Nina x



Hey everyone,

I hope you are all feeling well and had an amazing week. Here in Manchester, we had summer (we had up to 17 degrees, I still can’t believe it), so that was the actual proof that global warming is more than just a myth.

However, as I started this platform one and a half years ago, mainly as a fashion blog, we are going back to the roots today: fashion. I mean, I study fashion, I basically blog about fashion and in my free time I read fashion books or watch fashion documentaries.

So, how did it all start? My fascination and passion for clothes has probably started in the very early years of my life but as my memory of these young ages is not that vivid, I always say that it started when I was 12/13 years old.

At this stage of my life I saw creations by Alexander McQueen for the first time in my life and fell in love with it. I was fascinated by how he saw the world and expressed it in fashion. From then on, he was an absolute god for me and all my presentations in school were about him. Ever since then he is one of my number one inspirations.

I grew up in a very small town in the heart of Europe, and to be honest nobody there knew that McQueen has ever existed. Nobody quite understood what I was passionate about, or they did not want to understand. 

When I tried to find myself in this world during the puberty years, I also started to dress a bit more extraordinary than the average person from my hometown. This was the beginning of awkward stares at my outfits or their urgent desire to tell me that my platforms were too high or my skirts were to short. A lot of clothing that I wore around that time, was not particularly “in fashion”. What I have learned around all of these years and the people’s behaviour was basically the skill on how to deal with stares and that I cannot expect people who dress in a basic selection of a popular clothing chain and do not fuss about fashion at all, to understand my style. I mean, everyone speaks the language of fashion, but I just spoke it in a different way.

Now, a few years later, every once in a while, when I visit that town I see people wearing what I wore years ago, and I hope how “weird” they considered me wearing these pieces.

However, I consider fashion as a reflection of yourself without having to speak. It can be loud, it can be silent as long as it shows your personality.

Jumpsuit and turtleneck: Monki, Bag: Zara, Coat: H&M (old), Necklaces and Boots: Topshop, Sunglasses: Jimmy Fairly (old)

Jumping into the next topic, the outfit that I am wearing: I am wearing a printed jumpsuit with a leopard turtleneck underneath (I mean who is not obsessed with leopard print right now haha), my golden jewellery that I wear in (almost) every outfit, an orange coat and my beloved boots and bag.

I love prints, they make every outfit a bit brighter I’d say. Even though I wouldn’t consider myself as the biggest fan of clashing prints, I really like that one. The coat is from H&M a year ago and I had it to alter it by myself as I am very short hahaha.

I hope you have a bloody nice day.

Xx, Nina




I hope you all have a beautiful and sunny (Manchester has been sunny for almost a week now, I am freaking out) Sunday. Sunday’s are a bit more chill than all the other busy days of the week, so maybe grab a coffee or a brew whilst reading this (spoiler alert: I am having coffee, as much as I love tea, I am a hopeless coffee addict).

We live in a world dominated by little screens. Wherever you look, there are always people walking around you, staring into their little screens, waiting for life to happen. Of course, the most time-consuming thing is social media. It is the art of showing off. Posting every single more or less exciting bit of our lives, cause as long as we haven’t posted it, it hasn’t happened right?

I know that the art of showing off can on the one hand be very inspiring, but on the other hand, it can be very toxic. I mean, when you look at someone else’s Instagram, you just see the joyful moments of life. When you see that (especially when you are in a bad mood) it might let you feel bad, but please remind yourself that Instagram is nothing less than a digital photo album, and for some odd reason it became the norm just to post the joyful things of your life. To be honest, I am not any better. When I feel sad, whether it is because I am hurt or disappointed, I still wouldn’t post a picture of me sitting around crying.

In a world that is dominated by success, nobody wants to show their weaknesses. We want perfection, success and more of everything. Success makes you addicted. We want to show off our success, all the things that make us admirable or even lovable, but please not our weaknesses. The result of this behaviour is that we live our lives during a filter. It is like the filter that we put over photos, filtering out everything we don’t wanna show.

Okay, all this got very deep. But that’s what thoughts are for right? Anyway, as a result of my confusing thoughts, remind yourself that the real life happens outside the screens. Everybody’s got issues, problems, sadness and all that shit. We just don’t show it as it makes you seem weak or whatever. Please don’t feel offended by anything I said in this post- these are my views, that does not mean that you have to agree with them. 

Dress and Bag: Zara, Beret, Necklaces and Boots: Topshop

Okay, now let’s go a bit off topic (who doesn’t love weird connectors and being off topic haha): The outfit that I am wearing in this post. I am wearing a wonderful chain dress print dress by Zara, it looks so nice and a bit “Versace” in my point of view, apart from the fact that it was probably a lot cheaper than anything genuine Versace. I paired it with my favourite necklaces, Beret, Bag and some lovely boots. 

I hope you have a fab Sunday, see ya soon.

Nina xx