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In times of constantly wandering around, never settling down, always pressing the “live faster, live more intensely” button, the feeling of being “home” becomes very rare.

A feeling that seemed to be familiar, but transformed into an alien and unknown thing. Always seeking the next adventure, always being on the road. Everything changes and so did I.

After now a year of having moved out, it is nice every now and then to escape into your old world. A place where your current problems can’t come too close to you. It is a luxury to have this place to hide. Still, it does not completely feel like home. It feels like that weird escape in a world where you used to live in. It relives old memories, good and bad.

You live like you used to, just to realise that you’ve changed and you don’t fit in your old world anymore. That’s how life goes. We grow like beautiful flowers, it is as simple as that.

I took those pictures in a room in my parents house which is still my favourite there. This is where I used to dream. I loved all the antiques and old books in there, it was full of soul and passion. It used to be a separate flat, a few people must have lived in there, and I still wonder how this room has changed over the decades.

The room changed as the people who lived in it changed. My parents did a few changes over all the years. That’s how it works. Our internal worlds change, so we adapt our external interior to it.

Most importantly, however it may looked alike, it always gave people a feeling of belonging in there. It was filled up with the sound and passion of their souls.


In the end, we all will find our home someday, whether that will be four walls, in ourselves or in someone else. We’re all lost juveniles searching for a sense of belonging in a chaotic world.

xx, Nina


The pink mini dress

Hello, hello!

I know it is bloody boiling outside. Climate change feels more real and close than ever, and I am very worried. But for now, worries aside, as this post should be more of a light read whilst our bodies are possible with coping with this heat.

I went back to my parents house a few weeks ago and had a noisy at my old wardrobe again. I am a clothes enthusiast, I adore garments (what a FUCKING SURPRISE I KNOWWW), and honest to god I have a shit load of them and I have separation struggles when it comes to clear my wardrobe out.

I used to do a lot of vintage shopping when I was like 16, 17, 18- alright, I know I am a bloody looser when it comes to numbers, so we just talk about some random point of time in my difficult teens, when vintage clothes helped me to express my unconditional fashion love. To be fair, it does take ages until you have a vintage section of clothes that represent you. For a good vintage shop you need time and patience. Some shops are simply overpriced for the fact that it is used clothing (a worn Lewis 501 are not worth 50 quid I am sorry). And sometimes you can go to a million and one vintage shops, find nothing but crap and at other times you wanna buy the whole shop’s selection of available garments.

However, I was really mad about vintage hunts, like I treated it like a hobby. As I grew up in a small place (let’s just refer it as the middle of nowhere), I used to do most of my vintage shopping sprees once I was out of town in a bigger city. Whenever I was travelling (which happened quite frequently), I had a massive list full of vintage shops which I wanna visit. By the way, Amsterdam is AMAZING for vintage shops- two of my favourite pieces ever are from there! Would love to show you them, but they are currently stored in storage boxes somewhere around Manchester.

Moving on, the lovely pink dress that I am wearing in both the outfits is from a very teeny vintage shop in the Marais quarter in Paris! It was a steal, I bought it like 3 years ago for a tenner. It is very very loose around the waist, so a belt is a must (only if you fancy to give yourself some sorta shape).

In the first look, I paired it with my go to vintage/high street mix jewellery and a military jacket. The jacket with the rhinestones is from a small shop in Amsterdam and I bought it like two years ago.

In the second look, I lived out my colour combination dreams of pink and red. Not gonna lie, red and pink is my absolute favourite colour combo of all time!! I threw some statement accessories in like the headscarf and the bag, and being honest a headscarf makes a bad hair day a good hair day.

Alright, I think I have talked enough- however, you see the dress looks so different in both looks!

I hope you like it and see yous very soon,



Umm… Hello.

Hello, Hello,

It’s been a while. A fucking while. I know.

I don’t even know where to start in my explanation why I keep investing intensively in this blog to neglect it for ages after. So, for a long time I used the excuse that I do not like my blog name anymore (to be fair it is a bit of a pain as it confuses people a lot), but honestly that was just a way of me avoiding posting something.

In the past two years of running this blog, I always struggled. As most young people/millenials/call it whatever you want (I am very sad to say this actually, but it is the truth), I struggled with several mental health problems. I was always very afraid to talk about it, as I felt ashamed of it. But in times of mental health awareness and blah blah blah I think it would be more than wrong to keep silent about it. I struggled (to be fair I still do, but not as much as it used to be) with a shit load of anxiety.

After a lot of therapy, I can confirm the chlice that anxiety stops you from living. You feel like everything is so heavy, and everyone else seems to live faster than you. Also, anxiety stopped me from posting on here. I was afraid to be judged, or afraid that someone could know more about me than they are supposed to know.

None of you probably know a lot about me, as I kept this here as impersonal as possible (which was a shit way as I hated it)- nevertheless, this is gonna change now, finally after two years. Maybe a thing such as recovery does exist, at least I hope so.

I talk about mental health issues, to show people that they are not alone with their issues in this world. After two years of feeling a lot lost and alone with my mental health, I think it deffo is time to raise my voice and talk about it. If you struggle too- don’t be afraid, you are not alone, let’s cry together.

However, I will keep up with this blog from now on, as I love doing it. I obviously hope you like it too. X


By the way, a cheeky bit of self promotion: I have been taking over the Facebook page of mindless mag this month- I would be very happy and appreciate it a lot if you would have a look at my work. X

And, I have a new logo. I know now it is completely obvious how obsessed I am with seventies fonts.

Have a fab day,




The concept of “ERUPT” is based on the evolution of fashion and how everything goes and comes back again. Fashion is like an everlasting circle, everything dies at some point and lives through a certain renaissance at some other point as it reflects mankind and current social issues in this world.


This is a collection of research that I did in order to understand the vibe of the seventies and how the garment of flares was connected to the society.


For my layouts, I decided to create a retrospective feel for the viewer. In the first shoot, I recreated a seventies teenager room in a modern setting to show the connection of the historic heritage of the 70s and generation Z. I picked an androgynous model to underline the gender fluidity of flared trousers.

For the second shoot I went to a record store to show how young people nowadays still feel a sense of belonging in the heritage of the 70’s. I also wanted to show how typical 70’s music is still relevant today.

I edited them in two completely different ways to show the different backgrounds and atmospheres. Both of the shoots are supposed to show a situation in the life of that fictional character. This thought is underlined by hand written quotes, which are connected to the fictional characters.


These are the mock up templates for ERUPT. I did the online version as print evolutes from the classical physical form to online versions.

I created it modern and minimalistic to show a contrast to the bright 70’s colours.

This is just a mock up and this website does not exist in the real world.



“Inspired by the Manchester Icon Mary Fildes, who risked her life at the Peterloo Massacre in 1819 in order to protest for the women’s right to vote our brand is based on the essential thought of the gender inequality in the fashion industry.
As most higher positions in fashion design are occupied by men, we want to change that.
REBELLE is a brand, that gives creative female fashion designers a platform like Mary Fildes stood on Peterloo.
They have the chance to showcase and trade their work for a limited time in order to get a foot into the industry and build up their own brand afterwards.”


The concept of the fictional brand “REBELLE” is based on the fact that the fashion industry nowadays is mainly male dominated then female dominated (e.g only 40.2% of all fashion designers are female). This inequality aspect gave me the main inspiration to create a platform to empower young female designers. It is called “REBELLE” as it is inspired by the Peterloo Activist Mary Fildes, who stood up for equality in 1714, when humanity was far away from gender equality. Moreover, one of the name’s meanings is “Rebel”. To combine all that in one brand name I went for the French Female Version of the English word rebel, “REBELLE”. Also, “Elle” means her, so it underlines the female empowering aspect even more.

https://www.flickr.com/people/160834502@N05/ (my digital sketchbook)


I chose Red and pink as the brand’s colours as they are feminine and powerful. I chose “Didot” as a font to bring the Fashion aspect in.


I dressed my model in a suit in order to symbolise power. I also picked a short haired model to make the campaign stand out. I picked a short haired model to make the campaign stand out more.

For my promotional videos, I was very inspired by the spirit of Peterloo and what Mary Fildes contributed to it. She stood on a platform, so I gave my model a platform as well. She has a flag like Mary Fildes on Peterloo.


These are the mock up templates for a website. I created them in Adobe Illustrator, so the website does not exist in real life. The website is inspired by the brands colours and philosophy.

I am aware of the fact that this is a very ideal concept, and it would probably not work out in the real world.

If you wish to see a more detailed presentation of my brand, have a look at my online presentation :