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The week in fashion

Have you ever sat down by the end of the week, wondering, what happened in the world of fashion this week? Is this parallel universe full of fabrics, sequins and champagne? Yes? Then this is the piece which will deliver you all the answers your heart has been longing for.

Now, more than ever, facing massive challenges on a daily basis, fashion needs changemakers. And one of them, for certain is Ava Hariri-Kia. Ava Hariri-Kia is an Iranian American freelance stylist, producer, model and overall creative powerhouse. She grew up in New York, where she loved her love for fashion, but it wasn’t until she moved to Scotland to study at the University of St. Andrews that she used the medium of fashion to express her voice. Until last Thursday, a lot of people, including me, were probably not aware of her existence. That very day, Ava Hariri- Kia got her very own Vogue article, being introduced to the world as one of the upcoming changemakers in the fashion industry. In this brilliant article, written by xxx, she talks about how she got into fashion, her engagement in the famous St. Andrews fashion show “Don’t Walk” and most importantly, she communicated her passion and her will to change the fashion industry for the better. Hariri-Kia breaks the boundary between fashion and politics, and she cares a lot about fashion’s sustainable future, with the aim to style her looks as sustainable as possible. Right now, Ava Hariri-Kia is one of the most inspirational women in fashion. If you are eager to know more about her, I have my research linked below.



Summer is basically over now, and the hashtag #secondhandseptember is knocking at our digital doors. Second-hand September is a campaign, which was initially launched last year by the British Second-hand chain Oxfam, encouraging people to not by any newly produced clothing for the month of September. Take it as a month of lent in the world of the fashion (or shopping) addicts. This year, the campaign is going into its second round and Oxfam teamed up with writer and actor Michaela Choel as the face of the 2020 campaign. Ever since this summer, everyone who watched the ground-breaking television series “I may destroy you” is familiar with the face of Michaela Choel. With this Campaign, Choel is using her voice to spread the message to be good to the environment and shop second hand, as no one is too small to make a difference in this case. Who wants to know more about this campaign, here are some resources linked below.



And finally, let’s talk about the event which most of us thought would not happen in 2020, the VMA’s. But in fact, despite pandemic, they did, and history has been made. Whoever took the most awards home, the true shining stars of the evening were definitely Lady Gaga’s masks, spreading the message to simply wear a mask. The live performance of the song “Rain on Me”, sung by Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande was masktivsim at its finest. Gaga’s masks were made by fashion designers such as Conrad by Conrad, who created a mask inspired by the moon man himself, Cecilio Castrillo and Lance V. Moore.


When Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande can wear a mask and make history with this powerful performance, then I am sure that the rest of us will be able to wear one once we leave the house.

That’s it for this week.

Take care. Wear a mask.

N x

From skyscrapers to sourdough

Lord knows how many months the world is already facing those circumstances; I start to miss what used to be and what won’t be for a long time. I breathe in the fresh countryside air contemplating which bottle of wine I should open that night and when I should start my new sourdough. This time around, a year ago, I had just moved to Toronto and was more lost than in a long time. I had dragged myself to do that step, cause deep down I knew that it was that one chance I’d regret not doing and I hoped to grow from it. So, when I arrived there, I felt so lost and out of place, and I did not even have the mental capacity to imagine that I could benefit somehow from this experience. But somewhere between culture shock and adaption, being busy and slowing down, asking questions and finding even more answers, I grew to like this place.

Canada, especially Toronto will always be the place to me, that pushed me to every possible edge of mine on a daily basis, but also the place where I finally, after years of avoiding that side of mine, found the confidence to write again. For years, I was empty, I couldn’t create a sentence, avoided bookstores and the only sentences I read were Instagram captions. I can’t exactly recall how my return to writing happened, it was just there. For years, when I felt this emptiness inside me, writing things down felt like the most unnatural thing to do. And from one day to the other, this ability, the ability to create a whole new world with just words and imagination had to get out. From that day on, it felt like the most natural thing I could do. No matter how alienated, lonely and lost I felt in that giant city full of skyscrapers that millions of people call home, it brought me back to my true passion, which I will be eternally grateful for. My time in Toronto, or Canada as a whole will always play a huge role in my story, as in retrospect it feels like a time, where I truly got to know myself and some of the most interesting people I have ever met, and that is priceless. It might be true or not, but maybe I had to get lost so deeply in order to find myself. Now, when I look at those giant skyscrapers of that city, I say to myself, wow, that’s mad, you used to come back to this after a weekend trip and called it home for a few months.

Now, sitting here on my balcony, still thinking about the wine and the sourdough, I would give everything to be back there. Why? Simply because my soul finds the most comfort in the uncomfortable, the unknown, the anonymity that a new city in a foreign place can give me. In the past six months, the only real push I experienced out of my comfort zone was a somewhat weird determination to get my ass up and start to do a daily workout. Did it last long? At least two months. Do I miss it? Not as much as I miss exhausting plane rides, meeting new people, hugging strangers in a bar and seeing a different night sky than I am used to.

It seems like I got so comfortable with this lifestyle of being free and building up a new base every year or so, that I forgot how it feels to be at home.

I forgot how it feels to leave your house and recognize people’s faces. I forgot how it feels to have a clear routine, which is not depending on occasional freelance jobs or mini weekend getaways. I also forgot, how great it can feel to have an evening to yourself, without any kind of FOMO. Great, honestly. The other day, whilst I was dreaming my thoughts away, I came across this article by Jerry Seinfeld for the New York times (google Jerry Seinfeld New York Times if you fancy a read), and honestly, it has been one of the best pieces I have read in a while.

What we are experiencing now, is not a temporary circumstance, it feels like the beginning of something very new, unknown and more permanent than we want it to be.

Even though I can’t stop thinking about the day when I put my feet un unknown pavements again, I still cherish how I came to be from being one of the most mentally messed up people pre-pandemic to now, starting to actually like myself and the person I became (which is a big deal for someone like me, who has spent around a decade declaring war to themselves on a daily basis).

Trouser: old Topshop, Blouse: Vintage, Book: Swallowing Geography by Deborah Levy

Anyway, I hope that whoever is reading this, is healthy and takes as much care of themselves as they need.

Also, here are some songs I have recently adored very much:

This just needed to get out.

All the love,



Pages from the diary


Yes, it’s me again, who’d have thought. Unsurprisingly, in my life not a lot has happened, but the word, I mean, oh dear, things will never be the same again.

It feels wrong to continue writing jokingly about isolation life in this post, without even mentioning an aspect of the things that truly matter. This is by no means about me, this is about the future. With all of my heart, I do know, and I am sure that most of you do as well, that as the young generation owe the world better. Whatever the uncertain future holds, we have to continue fighting for what is right, even if it is not easy. I encourage everyone of you people out there, with eyes stuck to their devices, use the world which is in your pockets. Make use of the glorious gift of free education and resources, a lot of people in the past fought for this, so we have this privilege. Now it is our turn to make the world a better place.

Moving on, I bet that nobody of you asks themselves where I have been, as it is beyond clear: inside. I know, my jokes are not funny, even if I try hard. There has truly not been happening what you would consider as “a lot” or “exciting” recently in my life. Nevertheless, I thought I would never write this post, but here we go. Since we have been isolated since March, I stopped being Ubereats, Deliveroo’s, Foodora’s or Doordash’s best customer- yes, I had a high number of orders in every single one of them and now I actually cook decent meals by myself. This might sound very stupid for one or the other person, but I officially feel like an adult now. When I moved out of my parents’ home, I highly doubted that my culinary horizon would go further than avocado on toast or pesto pasta. But I mean, here we are, ready to write a cookbook. Maybe not a full cookbook yet, but we can all dream. At the end of the day, we can’t put our lives on hold for whatever, however longer this is gonna go on for. This might seem strange, but that one day, somewhere in the future, when we can finally delete zoom and experience human touch again, without a care in the world, will be a day that will separate our lives into a before and after. One of those crucial days, which marks a specific day that changes the course of the rest of our lives.

I don’t have a good or adequate connection word for this paragraph, so let’s just collectively imagine that there is one. In those pictures I am wearing a very bohemian looking dress, which was a not so impulse lockdown buy, a very old belt that I got gifted by my father when I was about fifteen years old, and my double platform doctor martens. I love how flowy the dress is, it sort of has a vibe of Stevie Nicks meets Florence Welch. The not so vintage belt crashes the romantic bohemian influence, with this old piece of leather tied around my waist. The doc martens are just the shoes that I wear every day, as believe it or not, even though I have a lot of clothes, I don’t have a lot of shoes. I don’t know, but they do go with everything, so it does feel like a personal note on every outfit I wear.

Whatever the future might hold for us in those chaotic times, it will be good. If this period has taught us anything apart from making Banana Bread or Sourdough, it is that we considered as “normal” never worked and will never work again.


We are the creators of this new reality, let’s make this one a good one.

Nina x

Old photos from the archive of my laptop, taken by Frankie


I have been thinking for too long on what I should say now, but a voice in my head keeps whispering to me: “who cares? Who on this earth amongst my few readers will check this website with burning fingers, waiting on what I, another white woman on the internet, has got to say about this?” I know, nobody will care about this post. But this is not about me, my statistic performance, or anything else that is related to me- this is about them. This is about the people who suffered for decades, who have been oppressed by political systems, so that white people can simply live their lives as they are used to, without a single care in their minds.

I know, as a white person, I will never know how racism feels like. No matter how hard I try to understand, I will never fully understand.

I encourage everyone who reads this, to educate yourself. To make the search for you a bit easier, I have put together a small list of resources.









Why I am no longer talking to people about race – Reni Eddo Lodge

Me and white supremacy- Layla F Saad

Girl, Woman, Other – Bernadine Evaristo

I know that it is not a lot- but if you try and have a little browse through the internet, you will come across a lot more. I recommend everyone who loves podcasts to listen to “The Daily” by the New York Times which explains thw whole situations and its happenings in a very well way.

We need to do better.


I woke up this Friday morning, genuinely thinking it was Saturday. Maybe that is just a coping mechanism to justify my habit of being unable to get out of bed before nine am. However, no Amazon delivery today. Shocking, I know. The deliverer will hopefully turn up the day after with my essential delivery of clothing hangers.

Today was the day, I actually did some work and tried to understand the scratch disks of photoshop. Spoiler, I didn’t in the end.

I tried to download origin so I could relive my sims dreams, sadly it did not work. I might give it today another shot. Cause you should do what you really love. From my window, I can see my neighbour’s dog who is using its owner’s balcony as his new designated toilet, probably without letting his owner know of this. My other neighbours are playing animal crossing and living their best life whilst doing that.

I still haven’t quit my gym membership, some things in life just take time to end. Some things are harder than others. Maybe it is worth fighting for it.

I did a fancy-dress workout in my sports clothes, that is enough fancy dress for these days. I have rediscovered the mirror selfie with an actual camera, so hopefully I count as a full hipster in the universe of subcultures now. It really reminded me of my sixteen-year-old self, who identified herself as a Tumblr girl, spending all her precious free time on her very old laptop creating an aesthetic Tumblr. Today, I have forgotten the password of my account, but I still get daily newsletters by Tumblr, telling me which blogs are the shit now. I always have to stay informed, even though my last Tumblr presentence was about three years ago.

Finally stocked up my body’s hydration reservoir. Ate a Colin. Sad that I ate all of them. Will bravely go to the supermarket soon and stock up on them. You need to stockpile on the right ends.

Watched 17 again at night and kept thinking how I voluntarily isolated myself every day when I was 17. Sometimes, you are just too short to be the captain of the basketball team. Not everyone can be Zac Efron. The world also needs isolated Tumblr Girls, clearly born into the wrong decade. The really good news is that I actually did some work today and looked representable for a zoom call. This is what the home office life feels like. It is great.

Did my unit of daily exercise, full of anxiety in my body of coming too close to a human soul. The only outdoor walking path in my area seems to be the only appropriate place for everyone to do exercise. I went to the coop, initially to stock up on essential things like Colin cakes, but ended up buying caramel digestives and hummus. My local coop has pasta again, for the first time in weeks. I am not sure if I should be happy about that, or if this the actual sign from the universe that the end of the world is near. Also, no Colins left, which is a definite sign of the end.

I wanted to order a ten pack of Corona masks on Amazon, but it said that it can’t deliver to my address.

If I get the Corona, at least I know who to blame for it.

SHIRT: Urban Outfitters, Blouse: Vintage, Jeans: Urban Outfitters (old)

Still desperately waiting for all my very essential amazon deliveries.