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Embroidery love #OOTD


Everywhere you see embroidery right now. It seems like the fashion industry got obsessed with it.  I am right now crazy about flowery or sequin embroidery (Sequin Post is coming very soon:). I don`t really have much to say about this dress or this look, except that flowers in general are an amazing gift of nature and that this dress is just as beautiful as they are.

Due to the fact, that this dress looks very girly, I combined it with my old Vagabond sneakers and my go to bag 🙂

Dress- Urban Outfitters


Bag- Furla (old, not available anymore)


Shoes- Vagabond


xx, Nina

The golden hour


This outfit is inspired by the historic decade of the golden twenties and the indie scene vibe. I mean it is just inspired that doesn’t mean that I have copied a particular item. The headband and the golden details of the dress reminded me really of this. I combined it with a jacket from an independent label and I can`t express in words how much I love it.

I have actually planned to name this post “Coachella-Woodstock in my mind”, which is a song by Lana Del Rey. Honestly, the outfit and the atmosphere in this picture reminded me really of the records` vibe. The record is about a escape from the reality. Today, we all struggle with everything what`s happening in this world. We have all our little escapes from reality, where everything seems to be so free and careless. For some people it is a festival like the Coachella. For me sunsets are (apart from my usual escape places) also a escape. It is seeing the world’s beauty in a calm atmosphere.

However, we all have our little escapes to escape the reality or ourselves, but in fact we wish that we don`t need an escape. The world is so beautiful, why shouldn´t we live in peace together? A question which probably bothers the whole world. Anyway, I love these pictures and their atmosphere (maybe because I love the indie alternative scene haha).



DRESS: Minkie


JACKET: Magpie Vintage




SUNNIES: Independent label




xx, Nina

This dress


Long time no see, hahaha. You know, I am obsessed with clothes in general, but I am even more obsessed with dresses. So, in this post I show (as you can see) my current favorite dress. The “current” term, because I don`t really have a all time favorite dress, it changes a lot (I really mean A LOT).




This dress is incredibly beautiful and it is by a brand called “CICI London”. I didn`t buy it directly from them, I found it in the Topshop at the Oxford circus in London. By the way, this Topshop store is more than amazing and it has lots of independent brands in it, so you can spend an eternity there. This dress literally weights nothing due to its light fabric. It is really thin and it feels very light. It also has some kinda tulle fabric at the skirt part (I don`t describe how it looks here, because I am sure you can see it hahah).

This dress is so dreamy, it is so beautiful, and I literally adore it. I wore this at a Lana del Rey concert and it felt more than perfect for this occasion.

xx, Nina



Story telling pieces


I would like to start my first Blog series today. It is about “story telling clothing pieces”, so I will show you a piece from my wardrobe, which is associated with a particular memory.


So, this dress is by the brand Sister Jane. I don´t own it for a very long time, but it already has a story. First, I went through half London to get to their store to buy this beautiful dress. It was literally love at first sight and I don´t regret any minute of tube struggle, which stole about two hours of time. For me, it was all worth it.


Now, we continue to the story. I wore this dress in combination with this Skinnydip bag, when I was alone in Liverpool on a night out. Honestly, I wasn`t really in the mood to go out, so I kinda forced myself to go because for some reason I know that I won´t regret it. Of course, I had no clue where to go at all. Luckily, some “advertising-guy” from a bar told me to go to Mathew street, the street where the Beatels had been born. So I went there. I went into the Cavern club, without knowing what this club is (for all of you who don`t know it as well: the Beatels played there many times). It was literally amazing there. There is always live music and that causes a really cool atmosphere. In the ladies room, a women told me with Liverpoolian accent how stunning this dress is. Anyways, it was my first time to go to a club with live music, and trust me you miss out something if you don`t go there when you are in Liverpool. I also met super cool people there, so I literally don`t regret that I forced myself to do this. Somehow this dress will always remind me of that magical night.

DRESS- Sister Jane

BAG- Skinnydip London

SHOES- Doc Martens

xxx, Nina

Hello World


I am Nina and I am obsessed with fashion, travelling, creativity and writing. I see fashion and creativity as a high form of communication. That´s whay I start this blog. In this creative space I simply want to share everything what inspires me, what takes me, what obsesses me and soooo on:) If you love fashion as much as I do, this is your place.

The name “Quiestnina” is french and means “Who is Nina” in English. I picked this name after a long process of thinking. I wanted to pick something what describes me as a person and not my obsession/passion. First, I wanted to name myself “whoisnina” but this name was already taken. Then, I simply replaced the “whois” with its french equivalent “quiest” and the name “quiestnina” was created. That`s it.

To be continued.

xx, Nina