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Hey, 2017

Hey 2017,

You have literally been one of the greatest years ever. I had ups and dows with you. You taught me a lot. I feel like I discovered myself even more.

I found my way back to the roots, found out where I might belong. I said goodbye to goals which didn’t suit me at all. I turned even more into the person I want to be.

I had the chance to travel a lot around Europe. Getting to know the amazing continent where I do live. I met a lot new people (I am thankful for each of you!). I went multiple times to a country which I love very much, the UK (in fact, more than in the last two years together). I had a wonderful time with a special friend who lives at the other end of the world (if you read this: I love and miss you, thanks for being in my life x).

I became braver than I ever was, I took responsibilities. I finally found out what I want to do with my life. I met lots of old/new people, made new friends. I saw my queen Lana del Rey live, it was beyond amazing.

No matter how many highlights I had, there were also times where everything got too much and I felt down, but hey that’s okay. Life goes on and so should I do.

I founded this blog, which was probably one of the best decisions I have ever one. Thanks to everyone who reads it. You rock. Seeing that people are actually interested in what I do, is more worth than anything else. Not even in my wildest dreams I would have this amout of readers imagined. Thank you.

Sooo, 2017 the time has come, time to say goodbye. You gave me a lot of joy, love, courage and lessons. I am grateful for everything. I have seen a lot this year good and bad. Now it is time for a new chapter. Goodbye 2017.

Hey 2018, I am so ready for you and your adventures, great things are coming up xx


Lots of love,

Nina xxx





Festive Outfit


It is finally the festive season of the year. A time to rest, to reflect and to be calm. Wait. This was just my imagination, not the reality. Surprise, surprise the reality is full of exams, pressure and stress. Every year the same procedure, it gets kinda hard to get in the cliché Christmas mood, haha.


I have decided to start a series about Christmas outfit ideas/inspirations now. Maybe that will help you to sparkle on Christmas more than anyone else in the room.

Sooo, here we go. The first outfit. Very casual. A red balloon sleeved turtle neck jumper, combined with a dotted skirt and a statement bag. It is a very simple look, but as Gabrielle Bonheur Chasnel aka Coco Chanel has taught us, less is more. And in this case it literally is. The colour red is such a statement, which makes your outfit so elegant and festive; you will just ruin it with putting more stuff into your outfit.


By the way, one thing I literally love about the festive season is snow (I know in this shoot it is kinda obvious). Snow makes the world look so much more beautiful, it is nature’s perfection.


The jumper is by Topshop, the skirt is by Pimkie (old) (but you can basically take every black skirt) and the bag is by Asos.


I am back now with the outfit posts haha. Be continued for the next Christmassy outfit!

Jumper- Topshop

Skirt- Pimkie

Bag- Asos

Shoes- Vagabond





What is fashion?

Fashion. A word which is mostly associated with clothing.


We don’t do just associate it with clothing, we consider it as a synonym instead of an association.

In fact, we rarely wonder ourselves what fashion is. Of course, an association with clothing is a kind of right but honestly, fashion is so much more than clothing.


Fashion is like materialized history. It mirrors the spirit, the mentality, the current sense of aesthetic and sometimes even the political situation (e.g. slogans like “We should all be feminists” by Dior) of certain times. The greatest thing is that we can look back and see how taste, style and creativity have changed over the past decades.


For me, fashion is a way of expression, a way of communication. In fact, fashion is able to speak before I am. When you see me, fully dressed you will have a certain image of me and that mostly depends on my style. So before I have spoken to you, i have already communicated with you trough fashion. Fashion shows the deepest part of our souls, before we even get the chance to tell it by ourselves.


I have taken some pictures to underline this message. It shows the way of communication and the diversity which fashion brings to us. It opens up a new door full of creativity, expression, communication and beauty.


Fashion itself is what inspires me the most in this world.

There are no rules. Be yourself. Be bold. Be extraordinary. Be unique. Be your own kind of fashion.

xx, Nina



Art Project: Hands

Hands are the source of every human contact. They make us touch. A touch of a hand is full of diversity. It can bring up never expected feelings. It can make you feel loved. A touch can make us feel alive.


Our hands seem to be one of the most self evedent features on our bodys. We don’t we appreciate them more? What would our lives be like without hands? Yes, it would be horrible. Hands give us the possibility to do things on our own and to buld bridges in between humans.

I have been so in spired by these thougts that I formed a hand out of clay. Everytime this sculpture catches my eye, I always think about the meaning and the use of hands.

The answer is that without our hands, we would be lonely. They are the most alve part of us within making touch, building bridges in between humans and creating the possibilty to be independent.

Build bridges. Not walls. Make touch. Feel loved.

xx, Nina

Beauty is an art.

Take a look in the mirror. What do you see? You see yourself with a face full of flaws. Why do you see yourself in such a negative way? Listen, you are beautiful.

We all have the golden side of our identity. It sparks like golden light out of us. It is the lightning spark in our eyes. The golden side reflects our beauty.


Everyone has a shing beautiful side. In times where self-doubt seems to me more accepted than self acceptance, no one dares to shoe their beautul side. We begin to fear it and we start to hide it. We gain nothing out of this process exept depressing thoughts. Why can’t we see our beautiful side? We should start to express it, to work with it and to let it shine.

I believe that every human being is able to reach their full potential in showing their golden side.

I took some pictures to visualize the idea of the shinning human side. The glittery face, the perfect flowers symbolize the shinning side like I tried to say it in this monologue. Just take a look at them, they say more than any word could ever express.#


Beauty is an art and so do are you.

xx, Nina