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Tartan madness

“I have always loved tartans – such an ornamented type of weaving, so vivid in colour, and such a masculine aspect. But actually, I think tartans can be feminine or masculine.”- Christian Louboutin

Like Louboutin, I love tartans. Trust me, there were even times when I wore it literally every day. Tartan is a special form of expression. It is an important element of the grunge, punk and alternative scene. It is a magical piece of clothing because you can style it however you wanna. You can create a schoolgirl look, a business look or a “normal daily look”. I could count on so much more possibilities.

I became attracted to tartan when I was obsessed with Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood. In several collections of them, Tartan is a major fabric. When I started to wear tartan at that time, I felt like I was wearing something super extraordinary.

Fashion can’t be fully alive without a little piece of grunge. In this look (if it’s not completely obvious) the tartan is the piece of grunge.

I combined my old tartan dress by Wal G with a girly lace blouse by Zara. For the finishing touch I added my oversized Urban Outfitters Herrington Jacket. I literally adore its tartan fabric inside.

Maybe this post has inspired you now to wear some tartan. Or you are already loving it as much as I do.


Blouse- Zara


Dress- Wal G


Jacket- Urban Outfitters


xx, Nina


Oversized sweather


When you scroll through a fashion instagram feed, you won’t overcome oversized clothing. At the first look it seems to be a comfortable trend- you buy your jumper two or more sizes bigger, so nobody can see your actual body shape and you don’t have the pressure to look super skinny like in tight clothing. Actually, there is more than just the comfortableness behind this trend.

Even high fashion labels like VETEMENTS or BALENCIAGA work with this form of expression. I would love to post pictures of their collections here, but I don’t own the photo rights. If you would like to see my fashion inspiration posts, just visit my instagram inspo page @ninasbrain. Moreover, what is the effect of oversized clothing? What impression does it leave? The answer is simple. It is a form of simplicity in an extraordinary way. It has a million messages in one. For example, it can be used to express an “I don’t care” attitude or as a piece to make a contrast (like combining sth tight with something loose).

Whatever, this oversized sweater is simply gorgeous. I found it in the Men section of Urban Outfitters and I bought it in the largest available size. I also love the “Thank you have a nice day” slogan on the back. It sounds weird, but such slogans give a nice attitude to the outfit haha. I decided to make a contrast to the loose sweater with putting on a pair of skinny jeans. To make even more contrast, I took my Ted Baker handbag and a old pair of sneakers.

Sweather: Urban Outfitters

Jeans: Topshop

Bag: Ted Baker

Shoes: Vagabond

xx, Nina



Endorphins dancing in your body, desiring your lips to smile. Filled with joyful sparks, ready to explode. You are happy.

We have all experienced happiness, but have we ever wondered what true happiness is? So, what is happiness? A question that everybody should answer individually. There is no right, there is no wrong.

For a long time, I believed that I couldn’t be happy at all. I expected unrealistic goals from myself to achieve full- happiness, like having no worries or stop being a perfectionist. One day I realized that being the cliché happy all the time is almost impossible. We stuck in unrealistic ideals, like being nonstop happy without realizing that life is made out of happy and sad emotions. You literally can’t be happy all the time. Okay, I can’t, maybe you can. I am a perfectionist and a master of self criticism. I never have the feeling that I’ve reached the top of anything, I just push myself more up high even when it seems to be impossible.

In fact, I can’t live without my self- criticism. If I would stop it one day, I would stop changing and turning myself around. For me, success is made out of the ability to change and to live with the spirit of today. To move forward, not to look back.

So, if I would fulfil this unrealistic ideal of being a nonstop bundle of joy, I would probably not move forward because I would like my state of mind. With this satisfaction, I won’t have the ability to change.

Long story short, for me happiness is to love yourself and living your life to the fullest. That is a different definition for everyone, but this is mine.

When endorphins seem to explode in your body, you can be sure that you’ve reached your own kind of happiness.


(Dress: Urban Outfitters, Bag: ASOS, Shoes: Puma)

Live bold. Regret nothing. Be your own kind of happy.

xx, Nina



Geographically, the world is a huge ball, uniting different continents to one. The earth’s circle unites all of us. We can’t hide in any corner. We live together on this planet, so we should make the best out of it.

The world is full of diversity. It is separated into different ethnicities and religions. Those should show our diversity in the unity. Some people do get this wrong. They hate and bully the unknown instead of appreciating it. Even though there are many of this kind, there is still hope.

Last year around this time, I´ve had been in New Dehli, India. I discovered a new culture, a new way of life, a new religion. Around this time, there is a huge festival called Diwali.

This weekend, I’ve been in Manchester and there was a Diwali parade. People from different ethnicities were united to celebrate this Hindu festival. They were all so joyful. They wore Indian clothing and children made up some lanterns for the parade in the dark.

It was overwhelming to see peaceful unity and love in times where it seems to be forgotten.


Love and unity will heal all your wounds- hate will just wide them up.

Live in unity, live in peace, and appreciate everyone.


xx, Nina



Everyone has a story of their identity.

Imagine a little girl who loves sequin and tulle dresses so much that she never wants to take them off. In fact she wants to wear that every day. Let a few years pass. She discovered her love for dresses and skirts. In primary school age she wants to become a fashion designer.


Moving forward. She turns into her struggling puberty ages and looses herself. She completely forgets her creativity whilst concentrating on humanities and on how she could change the world. She was focused on changing. Changing the world. Making lives better. No matter how often she tried to run away from her own self, it has always caught her up along the way. One day, she has seen a stunning flower dress by McQ. She fell in love with that. That was the beginning of her love to Alexander McQueen.

McQueen is one of the most extraordinary personalities she has ever discovered. Living in her small town, she has always wished for people and inspirations like him. When she got deeper into his creations, she felt understood by him. A dead person. She could cry whilst looking at those creations, they were so beautiful. This girl has had finally the feeling that she is not alone.

She found her inspiration in his creations. After a while she discovered Vivienne Westwood, an amazing female designer. She loved the Scottish Tartan in Westwoods as in McQueens creations. Those two, even though she has never met them, created her deep desire for fashion. Without them, she wouldn’t be where she is today.

She got her first shiny cherry pair of Doc Martens when she was sixteen. She felt so proud of them. In her small town, many people laughed at her because it was not “in fashion”. For some reason she was strong, she didn’t listen to them. She continued developing herself and her style. If she would have listened to them, she wouldn’t be where she is today.

She got through ups and downs. She discovered that she is more into creativity than into humanities. She has learned that you can also change the world with creativity, not only with political knowledge.

Today, she has no fear anymore to wear extraordinary pieces. She doesn’t fear what people will think or gossip about it. They will do it in any way.


She is herself.

You know what? I am that girl.

xx, Nina