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Until yesterday morning, I had no clue that I would be now sitting here and having changed my idea of this post completely. The reason for the change (if it is not completely obvious) the tragic death of the fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld. I mean, this blog is mostly fashion orientated and just an Instagram post simply has not enough characters to express everything I wanna say. 


“Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life, so you bought some sweatpants.”- Karl Lagerfeld.

When I saw this quote first, I was very young probably around 12 years old. By that age I started to develop a fascination for fashion, especially for runway creations. I guess I started to figure out who I am and what actually my style was. However, when I read that quote, I swore to myself that I will never wear sweatpants. I banned every item out of my wardrobe that was even close to be sweatpants. I became a bit obsessed with this quote, I felt like I had it to tell it to everyone around me who wore sweatpants- sorry to everyone who was offended by my 12-year-old self.

To be honest, no quote or statement had ever such a big influence on myself and the way I see fashion. 

Until today, these simple words always pop into my mind when I think about sweatpants.

(Please do not feel offended by that- sweatpants can look great, they are just not for me.)

Furthermore, Karl was an icon by himself. He was so unique, I bet everyone who met him never forgot about his appearance. He gave us the iconic 90’s Chanel collections, transformed palace Elysee always into a true work of art- everyone was always looking forward for his Chanel show.

He kept Coco’s legacy and transformed Chanel from a traditional French fashion brand into a global brand. He built up his own label, and his cat is probably more popular than several influencers on this planet. He picked more “unusual” faces for Chanel: women, who were independent and had a rebellious vibe in themselves like Lily Allen or Cara Delevigne.

He was (and will forever be) a gig inspiration, one of the personalities who devoted their life to fashion. I do not know what to say more apart from the fact that I have never seen so many remembrance posts over my Instagram feed, by everyone from anywhere.

Fashion unites, and moreover his legacy unites the world of fashion.

I know, the world of fashion won’t be the exact same without him, but what he left will always shine like a warm ray of sunshine.

Merci beaucoup Karl.

Nina xx

Coat: H&M (old), Top: New Look, Trousers: Zara, Shoes: Topshop (old), Bag: Zara, Beret: Topshop, Necklaces: Topshop and some independent brand, Sunglasses: Jimmy Fairly




First of all, thank you for your time and patience after I haven’t posted on this blog in ages. I am not gonna lie, I missed it, but I needed the time out. To be completely honest, I needed to actually figure out about what I want to write and what I want to share on this platform.

I know, this might sound dull, but it was hard. These months when I did not post a single thing on here, a lot was going on in my life.

Let’s face the facts: 2018 has been the most life changing year so far. Its first half was truly horrible, full of pre-exam panic and self-doubt. Summer came, and for some reason things changed. Graduating from school liberated me from a lot negative stuff like anxiety and the big fear of never being good enough. But also, I realized that I need time to figure out who I actually am and what I want to be.

Beret: Topshop, Co-ord: both Topshop (sale), Top: H&M, Bag: Zara, Boots: Topshop (old)

However, in September, I moved countries. Yes, I did it. I moved to Manchester. I started going to uni, studying fashion and realized that this is my passion.

Yes, I went through a lot of ups and downs since I moved. I do know that on social media, you might just see the ups, but believe me there were more than enough downs. 

Moving countries can be hard (especially the beginning), but it is absolutely more than worth it.

I went through phases of joy, fear, love and disappointment. But hey, moving abroad is by far the best decision I have ever made in my whole life.

Moreover, in 2018, I turned 20. Bloody hell, the teenage years are over. 

I formed new friendships, fell out of friendships, loved deeply and tried to figure out who I am.

So, after this time out, I can admit that this time was one of the most intense ones in my life in terms of personal growth. 

Yeah, from now on, I am back. Thank you for staying and still clicking on the past posts whilst I have been absent. I appreciate it.

See you soon, 

Nina x

Photos taken by Sterling Rose Kelly.

HELLO again.

Hello world,


Yeah, as you probably can see, I am back. Really, this time I am. The reason for my absence were basically my final exams in school. They took a lot of time (and mental break downs haha). You see, this blog looks a lot more different as well. Yes, I needed some time to think about this blog, what I wanna post etc and I came to the solution that first of all, I wanted to change its look. And that’s what I did.



So, I don’t want to make any promises about my future posts, I hope you understand that.


Moreover, I have now an Instagram account for this blog, it is called @ninasbrain. You can see it on the sidebar. So, if you wanna always keep updated about this blog, my posts and stuff, follow this account 🙂




Okay, now let’s talk about fashion. As you can guess, right now I feel so obsessed with yellow. I love that dress (I feel like I am already living in it). I mean, look at the details: the pattern, the cute bows… simply everything. To make this look a tiny bit more edgy, I combined my Balenciaga inspired boots with it. All the items will be linked down below.




Lastly, I want to thank you for still clicking my posts while I was absent. I appreciate this a lot.


Thank you.





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Oh, well.

Oh hey folks,

I haven’t found a suitable title. Oh yeah, I am still alive. MASSIVE THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO STILL VISITS THIS PAGE. I don’t have suitable words to describe how thankful I am.

Okay, you might have noticed that I wasn’t online for several weeks. I am not back yet. Sorry for the disappointment. I just want to let you know that some things are under construction over here and that I will be back soon.

Thanks for staying.

Going offline again,

Nina xx


Oh heyya,


I knowww. I have been a few weeks away again, but this won’t be the topic of this post. Be prepared this will be in one of the next posts. Spoiler alert: something about fashion will also be up soon.

Sooo, let’s get right into it: I have been to Amsterdam and it was freaking amazing. I mean this city is basically too beautiful for not falling in love with. The architecture is amazing, and the vibes are gorgeous. To sum it up: Amsterdam is mind blowing and stunning (if I would have to pick the loves of my lives as cities, Amsterdam would definitely a part of my choices!).

Let’s be honest: there is rarely anything more beautiful than the Amsterdam canals. especially at night. It is so beautiful, I could have cried. The canals make the atmosphere in Amsterdam even more perfect.

Moreover, there are these amazing nine streets with lots of independent cafes and shops, so when you are around there please go there it is totally worth it. And in my opinion, you would miss out something if you don’t go. I also had the best pancakes of my life in one of those cafes.

There are also amazing vintage shops- I can highly recommend the “Episode”, it is literally my favourite all time vintage store.

I also love that this city is so creative. Just look at the pictures and you will know what I mean.

Just look at all the pictures, soak up the atmosphere and feel inspired. If you have the chance to go to Amsterdam one day, do it. You won’t regret it.




xx, Nina