A victorian child meets glitter- an outfit roundup

They say creative blocks don’t exist. What might feel like a rustic brick wall, ripped out of a trendy New York loft and planted right in the middle of your creative brain, is nothing but an illusion. What really happens, is apparently, the fact that you are not allowing yourself to produce bad work. Something really shitty, like so shitty that you would try raising a billion pounds to get it off the internet. You probably already sensed it, this post is the place where I am allowing myself to write something not necessarily amazing. And what do bloggers normally do in such times of bleak and desperation? Either a Q&A, which is not an option, since nobody asks me questions, so this week it will be a lovely gallery of what I wore this week. Outfits that kept my body covered and my mind sane. As we all know, in this house, dressing up is our cardio.

blouse- Alexa Chung archive, skirt- very old American Apparel


Terrible lighting, since I missed the point before the sun said goodbye indefinitely that day. This outfit could be described as a Victorian child rediscovering their identity on Tik Tok, jumping straight on the tennis skirts track.

jeans: old fast fashion, blouse: Sonia, coat and blue blouse: old H&M


I was rediscovering bits of my old teenage wardrobe that day, such as the sparkly jeans, which already lost half of the stuck-on sparkles to the tumbling of the washing machine or the light blue frilly blouse that I bought right after I got sacked from a fundraising company after only three days of working for them. Throw a Sonia Rykiel archive piece and a cherished coat into the ensemble, and you have a look that literally communicates layering as its philosophy. Also, this was the first time I have worn that blouse in years, and I must admit, now I understand why I haven’t worn it in so long. Hands off fast fashion kids, it will burn them.

boots: vintage, dress: old fast fashion, Coat: Manoush, but second hand sourced


I have imagined this look in my head since my digital existence came across this gorgeous Manoush vinyl coat on a reselling platform online. When I saw it online, I felt an inner connection to my eleven-year-old self, who felt like a Manoush store must be heaven. I first went into one of their stores somewhere in the south of France, and I felt very seduced by their pink glittery interiors. I was eleven, that’s how you get brand loyalty. If I have to name this outfit, this one literally screams, I miss showing off random pieces of my versatile wardrobe being thrown together with absolutely no sense. I had a lack of confidence that day, so I wore my vintage cowboy boots, which, at least sometimes, make me feel cooler than I actually am. Also, there is an actual bag in the plastic bag, I am not that much of a fashion victim.

dress- Ganni, blouse: vintage, tights: Calzedonia


On Thursday, I discovered my love for white tights and decided to dress like a big fancy Victorian baby. Under the lovely horse print dress, even though I don’t practise that sport anymore by far, I am wearing a frilly vintage blouse, which I bought years ago in Paris. This ensemble is one of my favourite looks ever, it kind of provokes the thought of a crossover of Blair Waldorf’s iconic tights hierarchy and the heavenliness of danish design. Also, I am aware of the fact that the last sentence made very little to no sense at all.

dress: old Urban, vest, blouse and beret: vintage


Ranch girl escaped her country life, ran away to Paris and tries to undercover herself whilst wearing a beret. I actually haven’t been to Paris in years, but it seems like I am drawing a lot of visual references to that magical place. I love wearing that dress, even though it constantly reminds me of nights out and messy decisions, at some point I even avoided wearing it for more than a month, since I couldn’t bear being reminded of the foolish things several things made me do- what would we all give now to be foolish again without the fear of certain germs?

trouser: old fast fashion I believe, dress: &other, blouse: vintage


I would call this look “you wanted to go to a rave but your parents have forced you despite your age to attend Christmas dinner first”.

all vintage, the ultimate grandma x gucci look


A vintage ensemble, aka the ugliest blouse that I ever purchased, and my forever failsafe pink 80’s dress. Together, it looks like Gucci on acid. And believe me, you could tell everyone it was actual Gucci and nobody would doubt it.

So that’s it from my nonsense this week.

N x


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