I woke up this Friday morning, genuinely thinking it was Saturday. Maybe that is just a coping mechanism to justify my habit of being unable to get out of bed before nine am. However, no Amazon delivery today. Shocking, I know. The deliverer will hopefully turn up the day after with my essential delivery of clothing hangers.

Today was the day, I actually did some work and tried to understand the scratch disks of photoshop. Spoiler, I didn’t in the end.

I tried to download origin so I could relive my sims dreams, sadly it did not work. I might give it today another shot. Cause you should do what you really love. From my window, I can see my neighbour’s dog who is using its owner’s balcony as his new designated toilet, probably without letting his owner know of this. My other neighbours are playing animal crossing and living their best life whilst doing that.

I still haven’t quit my gym membership, some things in life just take time to end. Some things are harder than others. Maybe it is worth fighting for it.

I did a fancy-dress workout in my sports clothes, that is enough fancy dress for these days. I have rediscovered the mirror selfie with an actual camera, so hopefully I count as a full hipster in the universe of subcultures now. It really reminded me of my sixteen-year-old self, who identified herself as a Tumblr girl, spending all her precious free time on her very old laptop creating an aesthetic Tumblr. Today, I have forgotten the password of my account, but I still get daily newsletters by Tumblr, telling me which blogs are the shit now. I always have to stay informed, even though my last Tumblr presentence was about three years ago.

Finally stocked up my body’s hydration reservoir. Ate a Colin. Sad that I ate all of them. Will bravely go to the supermarket soon and stock up on them. You need to stockpile on the right ends.

Watched 17 again at night and kept thinking how I voluntarily isolated myself every day when I was 17. Sometimes, you are just too short to be the captain of the basketball team. Not everyone can be Zac Efron. The world also needs isolated Tumblr Girls, clearly born into the wrong decade. The really good news is that I actually did some work today and looked representable for a zoom call. This is what the home office life feels like. It is great.

Did my unit of daily exercise, full of anxiety in my body of coming too close to a human soul. The only outdoor walking path in my area seems to be the only appropriate place for everyone to do exercise. I went to the coop, initially to stock up on essential things like Colin cakes, but ended up buying caramel digestives and hummus. My local coop has pasta again, for the first time in weeks. I am not sure if I should be happy about that, or if this the actual sign from the universe that the end of the world is near. Also, no Colins left, which is a definite sign of the end.

I wanted to order a ten pack of Corona masks on Amazon, but it said that it can’t deliver to my address.

If I get the Corona, at least I know who to blame for it.

SHIRT: Urban Outfitters, Blouse: Vintage, Jeans: Urban Outfitters (old)

Still desperately waiting for all my very essential amazon deliveries.

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