Day 8- a series of Amazon deliveries and my new addiction.

As every more or less very cool blogger on the internet is doing an isolation online diary now, I decided to jump on this bandwagon. Today is day number eight. The weather is shit, seems like the yearly dose of sunshine is now officially used up and we are back to the normal climate. Our doorbell is broken. Again. I had to put a note with my mobile number on the door, so my one million amazon orders will find their way inside to the mailbox. During this period of isolation and lockdown, I have accomplished several life goals so far:

I can do the perfect poached egg.

I have a freezer full of food that is not only chocolate cake.

I have started doing home workouts, even though I look beyond ridiculous whilst doing it. Now I finally have a reason to officially end my gym membership. It’s been a wonderful three visits in the past, but both of us have to move on now. The gym will always have a special place in my heart. Maybe, one day I will be ready for you again.

I stopped burning my hair whilst cooking. (just after I said it, I burned another stain again. I should maybe sign up for an online seminar that will eventually teach me how to not burn my hair).

I have finally made use of my amazon prime membership. Which results in getting very angry texts from the amazon deliverer, standing in front of my door whilst I am outdoors (I know, dangerous) getting my daily unit of fresh air and exercise. Five miscalls and texts. Came back and saw him in front of my door. Got the parcel which is two new vinyls. Now I need for my vinyl player to arrive, we all know I love setting up new tech gear. Not.

Also, I have shifted my addiction from coffee to tea. Which is not necessarily the healthier option. I have now 6 cups of tea a day instead of like two cups of coffee.

I have just written another post on what to do during this lockdown period. The world wide web will be blessed with another guide by me. I bet it is already sick of it.

Started a new Netflix series, to make myself believe that I use my subscription for something else than friends or documentaries. Also, I have just greeted my amazon deliverer barefoot and he wore a mask. Some of us, like me are just not that well equipped. He looked very frightened when he saw me. We kept the two meters distance. My anti bugs spray has finally arrived. Realised that I ordered the wrong spray, the one for tropical animals and bugs. So, if we would have an invasion of tropical bugs during this time, at least I have stockpiled on the right end. Also, my outfit is a perfect example of getting dressed for no reason. I got changed immediately after the pictures. Can’t ruin my cheap fake silk skirt whilst painting.


I really wanted to go on my phone less, but social guidelines of the current situation advised me to download houseparty again, after I deleted it out of a panic mood. Now, I get notifications every five minutes about who entered the house.


I am out of the house for now.

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