The pink mini dress

Hello, hello!

I know it is bloody boiling outside. Climate change feels more real and close than ever, and I am very worried. But for now, worries aside, as this post should be more of a light read whilst our bodies are possible with coping with this heat.

I went back to my parents house a few weeks ago and had a noisy at my old wardrobe again. I am a clothes enthusiast, I adore garments (what a FUCKING SURPRISE I KNOWWW), and honest to god I have a shit load of them and I have separation struggles when it comes to clear my wardrobe out.

I used to do a lot of vintage shopping when I was like 16, 17, 18- alright, I know I am a bloody looser when it comes to numbers, so we just talk about some random point of time in my difficult teens, when vintage clothes helped me to express my unconditional fashion love. To be fair, it does take ages until you have a vintage section of clothes that represent you. For a good vintage shop you need time and patience. Some shops are simply overpriced for the fact that it is used clothing (a worn Lewis 501 are not worth 50 quid I am sorry). And sometimes you can go to a million and one vintage shops, find nothing but crap and at other times you wanna buy the whole shop’s selection of available garments.

However, I was really mad about vintage hunts, like I treated it like a hobby. As I grew up in a small place (let’s just refer it as the middle of nowhere), I used to do most of my vintage shopping sprees once I was out of town in a bigger city. Whenever I was travelling (which happened quite frequently), I had a massive list full of vintage shops which I wanna visit. By the way, Amsterdam is AMAZING for vintage shops- two of my favourite pieces ever are from there! Would love to show you them, but they are currently stored in storage boxes somewhere around Manchester.

Moving on, the lovely pink dress that I am wearing in both the outfits is from a very teeny vintage shop in the Marais quarter in Paris! It was a steal, I bought it like 3 years ago for a tenner. It is very very loose around the waist, so a belt is a must (only if you fancy to give yourself some sorta shape).

In the first look, I paired it with my go to vintage/high street mix jewellery and a military jacket. The jacket with the rhinestones is from a small shop in Amsterdam and I bought it like two years ago.

In the second look, I lived out my colour combination dreams of pink and red. Not gonna lie, red and pink is my absolute favourite colour combo of all time!! I threw some statement accessories in like the headscarf and the bag, and being honest a headscarf makes a bad hair day a good hair day.

Alright, I think I have talked enough- however, you see the dress looks so different in both looks!

I hope you like it and see yous very soon,




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