Umm… Hello.

Hello, Hello,

It’s been a while. A fucking while. I know.

I don’t even know where to start in my explanation why I keep investing intensively in this blog to neglect it for ages after. So, for a long time I used the excuse that I do not like my blog name anymore (to be fair it is a bit of a pain as it confuses people a lot), but honestly that was just a way of me avoiding posting something.

In the past two years of running this blog, I always struggled. As most young people/millenials/call it whatever you want (I am very sad to say this actually, but it is the truth), I struggled with several mental health problems. I was always very afraid to talk about it, as I felt ashamed of it. But in times of mental health awareness and blah blah blah I think it would be more than wrong to keep silent about it. I struggled (to be fair I still do, but not as much as it used to be) with a shit load of anxiety.

After a lot of therapy, I can confirm the chlice that anxiety stops you from living. You feel like everything is so heavy, and everyone else seems to live faster than you. Also, anxiety stopped me from posting on here. I was afraid to be judged, or afraid that someone could know more about me than they are supposed to know.

None of you probably know a lot about me, as I kept this here as impersonal as possible (which was a shit way as I hated it)- nevertheless, this is gonna change now, finally after two years. Maybe a thing such as recovery does exist, at least I hope so.

I talk about mental health issues, to show people that they are not alone with their issues in this world. After two years of feeling a lot lost and alone with my mental health, I think it deffo is time to raise my voice and talk about it. If you struggle too- don’t be afraid, you are not alone, let’s cry together.

However, I will keep up with this blog from now on, as I love doing it. I obviously hope you like it too. X


By the way, a cheeky bit of self promotion: I have been taking over the Facebook page of mindless mag this month- I would be very happy and appreciate it a lot if you would have a look at my work. X

And, I have a new logo. I know now it is completely obvious how obsessed I am with seventies fonts.

Have a fab day,




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