HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMAN’S DAY LADIES! This day is dedicated to us, so let’s make the most out of it.  I know that there are still a lot of issues nowadays when it comes to gender equality, like the huge gender pay gap. I also know that issues like that won’t be solved from one day to the other, but we have to continue fighting, until we have reached our goal.

Okay, before I will you with some boring facts and numbers, I thought I might share how I experienced gender inequality.

To be honest, I have been raised in a liberal way, so luckily my parents never restricted me in my choices because of my gender. 

DRESS: Sister Jane (old), Bag: ASOS, Necklaces: Topshop, ASOS and Vintage, Hair clip: Ebay, Boots: Topshop

Nevertheless, I used to live in a very small-minded region of Germany and I still felt the “traditional gender roles” there. I cannot say how many times I talked to other girls in school and how shocked they were when I told them that I do not aspire to fulfil the “traditional role of a woman”. By that I mean I told them that first of all, I want to focus on my career, be independent and have a career in fashion (to clarify, “fashion” as a career is not common in Germany, so they did not really understand what I mean by that). I felt constantly out of place, as I simply couldn’t identify with the society expectations from there. For example, when I talked about my career aspirations, most people asked me in a judging voice if I do not want to have children or marry because in their point of view, that is what every woman aspires. I mean, I have been asked this question a million times since I am 16 I think, and I feel so tired of answering it. The answer is and will probably be for a long time “I don’t know”. I have no clue what the future holds, and I personally think you cannot really plan marriage or starting a family. I have been judged as “the rebel” or “the one who is just focussed on career” so many times, and I am just tired of it. Hands down, if a man would tell you about his career plans, he would never be judged like a woman sharing her career plans. What I want to say is that these traditional expectations put more pressure and restriction on a woman than anything else. Just because of your gender, nobody should have the right to judge what is right for you and your future. You do you.

Let’s jump on another point: the way that people judged what I wore, cause in their point of view, the way I dressed was not appropriate enough for a woman. I know that the place I used to live is not a general example for all societies and people in this world, just saying. However, I will probably never forget all the stares and inappropriate comments people used to say to me in relation to my outfits. I am very tires of justifying that I wear something short or that I am showing “too much skin”. The best comment I have probably ever received was that someone told me that they wouldn’t dare to wear this outfit. I took it as a compliment, I mean this person basically said that I was brave (I know that this person probably meant something completely different). To all the girls and women in this world: when it comes to fashion, there are no rules, it is a form of art, a form of self expression and it says a lot about yourself. Don’t let stupid stares or very inappropriate comments restrict your choice of clothing. I mean if every woman would dress exactly how she feels like, without being judged the world of style would even be more unique and creative. So, the next time you have the urgent desire to judge someone else’s choice of clothing just think a moment before you say something.

In conclusion what I want to say is: Girls, you do you. You can do whatever, whenever and wherever you want to. Wear whatever you desire to wear. Go out there and show this world who you are. Be powerful and don’t restrict yourself. Don’t be afraid. 

The future is yours.

Nina x

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