I hope you are all having a nice Sunday (hopefully sunny as well, but it is more grey and rainy here to be honest). As the weather is very gloomy today, I don’t really have a lot of deep thoughts to share with you, I don’t know but I just don’t feel enough inspired today hahah. And moreover, these bright visuals don’t really fit together with a sad, deep text. 

I would really like to say that it is this sunny today and I am wearing this gorgeous outfit, but that is sadly not true. I did a shoot of this outfit earlier this week, when suddenly summer came around to bright up the weather for a bit.

I don’t really have a lot to tell this week, apart from the fact that I had a busy week (welcome to the life of a sleep deprived fashion student, the reality is not as glam as everyone assumes).

However, in these pictures, I am wearing a very bold red dress from and other stories from their former spring summer collection. Honestly, it is so comfortable, and every time I wear it a lot of people compliment my outfit choice (the small things like that brighten up your day haha believe me). I paired it together with a collection of my necklaces, they are all from several jewellery selections of a few of my beloved high street shops. The hair clip is from ebay, absolute bargain, I never want to live without it again. 

The bag (which reminds me a lot of the Dior saddle bags to be honest) is from asos. I also wear my very old Chloe inspired Topshop boots (honestly, I bought them for about 7£ and they did a pretty good job so far).

Okay, before I try to write even more unnecessary text, enjoy the visuals. Today they are far better than the text to it, but sometimes it does not need many words to describe something.

Hope you will all have an amazing week,

Nina x

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