I hope you all have a beautiful and sunny (Manchester has been sunny for almost a week now, I am freaking out) Sunday. Sunday’s are a bit more chill than all the other busy days of the week, so maybe grab a coffee or a brew whilst reading this (spoiler alert: I am having coffee, as much as I love tea, I am a hopeless coffee addict).

We live in a world dominated by little screens. Wherever you look, there are always people walking around you, staring into their little screens, waiting for life to happen. Of course, the most time-consuming thing is social media. It is the art of showing off. Posting every single more or less exciting bit of our lives, cause as long as we haven’t posted it, it hasn’t happened right?

I know that the art of showing off can on the one hand be very inspiring, but on the other hand, it can be very toxic. I mean, when you look at someone else’s Instagram, you just see the joyful moments of life. When you see that (especially when you are in a bad mood) it might let you feel bad, but please remind yourself that Instagram is nothing less than a digital photo album, and for some odd reason it became the norm just to post the joyful things of your life. To be honest, I am not any better. When I feel sad, whether it is because I am hurt or disappointed, I still wouldn’t post a picture of me sitting around crying.

In a world that is dominated by success, nobody wants to show their weaknesses. We want perfection, success and more of everything. Success makes you addicted. We want to show off our success, all the things that make us admirable or even lovable, but please not our weaknesses. The result of this behaviour is that we live our lives during a filter. It is like the filter that we put over photos, filtering out everything we don’t wanna show.

Okay, all this got very deep. But that’s what thoughts are for right? Anyway, as a result of my confusing thoughts, remind yourself that the real life happens outside the screens. Everybody’s got issues, problems, sadness and all that shit. We just don’t show it as it makes you seem weak or whatever. Please don’t feel offended by anything I said in this post- these are my views, that does not mean that you have to agree with them. 

Dress and Bag: Zara, Beret, Necklaces and Boots: Topshop

Okay, now let’s go a bit off topic (who doesn’t love weird connectors and being off topic haha): The outfit that I am wearing in this post. I am wearing a wonderful chain dress print dress by Zara, it looks so nice and a bit “Versace” in my point of view, apart from the fact that it was probably a lot cheaper than anything genuine Versace. I paired it with my favourite necklaces, Beret, Bag and some lovely boots. 

I hope you have a fab Sunday, see ya soon.

Nina xx




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