HELLO again.

Hello world,


Yeah, as you probably can see, I am back. Really, this time I am. The reason for my absence were basically my final exams in school. They took a lot of time (and mental break downs haha). You see, this blog looks a lot more different as well. Yes, I needed some time to think about this blog, what I wanna post etc and I came to the solution that first of all, I wanted to change its look. And that’s what I did.



So, I don’t want to make any promises about my future posts, I hope you understand that.


Moreover, I have now an Instagram account for this blog, it is called @ninasbrain. You can see it on the sidebar. So, if you wanna always keep updated about this blog, my posts and stuff, follow this account 🙂




Okay, now let’s talk about fashion. As you can guess, right now I feel so obsessed with yellow. I love that dress (I feel like I am already living in it). I mean, look at the details: the pattern, the cute bows… simply everything. To make this look a tiny bit more edgy, I combined my Balenciaga inspired boots with it. All the items will be linked down below.




Lastly, I want to thank you for still clicking my posts while I was absent. I appreciate this a lot.


Thank you.





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