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I knowww. I have been a few weeks away again, but this won’t be the topic of this post. Be prepared this will be in one of the next posts. Spoiler alert: something about fashion will also be up soon.

Sooo, let’s get right into it: I have been to Amsterdam and it was freaking amazing. I mean this city is basically too beautiful for not falling in love with. The architecture is amazing, and the vibes are gorgeous. To sum it up: Amsterdam is mind blowing and stunning (if I would have to pick the loves of my lives as cities, Amsterdam would definitely a part of my choices!).

Let’s be honest: there is rarely anything more beautiful than the Amsterdam canals. especially at night. It is so beautiful, I could have cried. The canals make the atmosphere in Amsterdam even more perfect.

Moreover, there are these amazing nine streets with lots of independent cafes and shops, so when you are around there please go there it is totally worth it. And in my opinion, you would miss out something if you don’t go. I also had the best pancakes of my life in one of those cafes.

There are also amazing vintage shops- I can highly recommend the “Episode”, it is literally my favourite all time vintage store.

I also love that this city is so creative. Just look at the pictures and you will know what I mean.

Just look at all the pictures, soak up the atmosphere and feel inspired. If you have the chance to go to Amsterdam one day, do it. You won’t regret it.




xx, Nina



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