Hey, 2017

Hey 2017,

You have literally been one of the greatest years ever. I had ups and dows with you. You taught me a lot. I feel like I discovered myself even more.

I found my way back to the roots, found out where I might belong. I said goodbye to goals which didn’t suit me at all. I turned even more into the person I want to be.

I had the chance to travel a lot around Europe. Getting to know the amazing continent where I do live. I met a lot new people (I am thankful for each of you!). I went multiple times to a country which I love very much, the UK (in fact, more than in the last two years together). I had a wonderful time with a special friend who lives at the other end of the world (if you read this: I love and miss you, thanks for being in my life x).

I became braver than I ever was, I took responsibilities. I finally found out what I want to do with my life. I met lots of old/new people, made new friends. I saw my queen Lana del Rey live, it was beyond amazing.

No matter how many highlights I had, there were also times where everything got too much and I felt down, but hey that’s okay. Life goes on and so should I do.

I founded this blog, which was probably one of the best decisions I have ever one. Thanks to everyone who reads it. You rock. Seeing that people are actually interested in what I do, is more worth than anything else. Not even in my wildest dreams I would have this amout of readers imagined. Thank you.

Sooo, 2017 the time has come, time to say goodbye. You gave me a lot of joy, love, courage and lessons. I am grateful for everything. I have seen a lot this year good and bad. Now it is time for a new chapter. Goodbye 2017.

Hey 2018, I am so ready for you and your adventures, great things are coming up xx


Lots of love,

Nina xxx






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