What is fashion?

Fashion. A word which is mostly associated with clothing.


We don’t do just associate it with clothing, we consider it as a synonym instead of an association.

In fact, we rarely wonder ourselves what fashion is. Of course, an association with clothing is a kind of right but honestly, fashion is so much more than clothing.


Fashion is like materialized history. It mirrors the spirit, the mentality, the current sense of aesthetic and sometimes even the political situation (e.g. slogans like “We should all be feminists” by Dior) of certain times. The greatest thing is that we can look back and see how taste, style and creativity have changed over the past decades.


For me, fashion is a way of expression, a way of communication. In fact, fashion is able to speak before I am. When you see me, fully dressed you will have a certain image of me and that mostly depends on my style. So before I have spoken to you, i have already communicated with you trough fashion. Fashion shows the deepest part of our souls, before we even get the chance to tell it by ourselves.


I have taken some pictures to underline this message. It shows the way of communication and the diversity which fashion brings to us. It opens up a new door full of creativity, expression, communication and beauty.


Fashion itself is what inspires me the most in this world.

There are no rules. Be yourself. Be bold. Be extraordinary. Be unique. Be your own kind of fashion.

xx, Nina




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