Art Project: Hands

Hands are the source of every human contact. They make us touch. A touch of a hand is full of diversity. It can bring up never expected feelings. It can make you feel loved. A touch can make us feel alive.


Our hands seem to be one of the most self evedent features on our bodys. We don’t we appreciate them more? What would our lives be like without hands? Yes, it would be horrible. Hands give us the possibility to do things on our own and to buld bridges in between humans.

I have been so in spired by these thougts that I formed a hand out of clay. Everytime this sculpture catches my eye, I always think about the meaning and the use of hands.

The answer is that without our hands, we would be lonely. They are the most alve part of us within making touch, building bridges in between humans and creating the possibilty to be independent.

Build bridges. Not walls. Make touch. Feel loved.

xx, Nina


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