Beauty is an art.

Take a look in the mirror. What do you see? You see yourself with a face full of flaws. Why do you see yourself in such a negative way? Listen, you are beautiful.

We all have the golden side of our identity. It sparks like golden light out of us. It is the lightning spark in our eyes. The golden side reflects our beauty.


Everyone has a shing beautiful side. In times where self-doubt seems to me more accepted than self acceptance, no one dares to shoe their beautul side. We begin to fear it and we start to hide it. We gain nothing out of this process exept depressing thoughts. Why can’t we see our beautiful side? We should start to express it, to work with it and to let it shine.

I believe that every human being is able to reach their full potential in showing their golden side.

I took some pictures to visualize the idea of the shinning human side. The glittery face, the perfect flowers symbolize the shinning side like I tried to say it in this monologue. Just take a look at them, they say more than any word could ever express.#


Beauty is an art and so do are you.

xx, Nina


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