Cuztomized coat


A few days ago, I spotted this amazing trench coat at H&M. Unfortunately it has been way too long (short girl’s problems haha), so I cut it and sew it. I love to do such things haha.

I try to find a good connector to the real topic of this post, but is hopeless, there is none. I want to tell you something about this being yourself thing. You might probably roll your eyes now, thinking I’ve heard this a million times. Rather than being annoyed by this topic, you should question yourself why you’ve heard this so many times.

Yeah, I know it is hard in a world full of mini Kardashians not to swim with the storm and just be a mini one. Why shouldn’t you do it? A good question. Doing it would be the easy way, but whoever said that the easy way is the good way? No one ever. So, it is kind of an art to be yourself, a non-Kardashian in a world full of Kardashians. Of course, being yourself is a challenge in every way, but you’ll manage it if you really want to be it.

Being yourself is a journey in the end, because humans always do change. We won’t stop. Realize that you don’t have to change for anyone but yourself. In the end, being yourself will fulfil you more than being mainstream, believe me.

Don’t be afraid or ashamed of yourself. Just be it. Be bold. Be yourself.


Coat- H&M


Dress- Zara


Bag- Ted Baker


Shoes- Vagabond

xx, Nina


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