The galaxy jacket


There will be some people in life where you want to say “You are my sun, my moon and all my stars.” Okay, in my case, I never had the desire to say these beautiful words to a human being, but to this gorgeous jacket. I mean look at it. It is so damn beautiful.

I got this jacket from a H&M store in Dublin, which looked like an ancient royal building (no kidding!). It was love at first sight with this jacket and the building obviously. The jacket is made out of a kinds cord fabric with lots of embroidery. Inside it is stuffed with some fake fur.

For creating this look, I combined my favourite white blouse ever by Zara with a velvet skirt by Urban Outfitters. In the end I just put the jacket on top and there we go!

Blouse- Zara


Skirt- Urban Outfitters


Jacket- H&M

xx, Nina



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