Architechture inspiration: Manchester

I am the kind of person who loves to get inspired. Inspiration leads me to be even more creative, to create even more stuff. Everyone has their unique source of inspiration. One of my sources his definitely architecture. I love especially the old one which gives me the major inspiration for everything. I don’t have to explain what inspiration is for me, just keep scrolling and you’ll find a extra post for this topic.

This is Picadilly Gardens, an amazing place to sit down and enjoy the city’s vibe. Those amazing architectural views make it even better.

The Town hall of Manchester: you clearly see that this is a work of art. When you stand in front of this building, it is more than stunning, believe me.

The nothern quarter of Manchester. This quarter is full of creativity, open mindedness and amazing vibes. It inspired me lierally more than anything else. The architechture is an amazing mixture ot of old buildings.

The libary. Such a magical plce, looks like Harry Potter has been fimed in it. You feel like in a diffrent century. The archtiechture is so inspirational, believe me. You will feel it when you are in it.

xx, Nina


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