Oversized sweather


When you scroll through a fashion instagram feed, you won’t overcome oversized clothing. At the first look it seems to be a comfortable trend- you buy your jumper two or more sizes bigger, so nobody can see your actual body shape and you don’t have the pressure to look super skinny like in tight clothing. Actually, there is more than just the comfortableness behind this trend.

Even high fashion labels like VETEMENTS or BALENCIAGA work with this form of expression. I would love to post pictures of their collections here, but I don’t own the photo rights. If you would like to see my fashion inspiration posts, just visit my instagram inspo page @ninasbrain. Moreover, what is the effect of oversized clothing? What impression does it leave? The answer is simple. It is a form of simplicity in an extraordinary way. It has a million messages in one. For example, it can be used to express an “I don’t care” attitude or as a piece to make a contrast (like combining sth tight with something loose).

Whatever, this oversized sweater is simply gorgeous. I found it in the Men section of Urban Outfitters and I bought it in the largest available size. I also love the “Thank you have a nice day” slogan on the back. It sounds weird, but such slogans give a nice attitude to the outfit haha. I decided to make a contrast to the loose sweater with putting on a pair of skinny jeans. To make even more contrast, I took my Ted Baker handbag and a old pair of sneakers.

Sweather: Urban Outfitters

Jeans: Topshop

Bag: Ted Baker

Shoes: Vagabond

xx, Nina



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