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I hope you are all doing well and after a week with different posts, there we go! This is as you can see, the normal form of content I publish. I thought a lot about my blog and my topics this week and I decided to make it more personal.

When I had finally the guts to start this blog, I just wanted to share my huge intrest in fashion with this world. I wanted to keep all this distanced from my personal life. I was still anxious that people will laugh at me (or don’t take me serious). I was simply afraid of the reactions. But you know what? There is no reason to overthink yourself about what others might think. They will think what they wanna in any way, so deal with it. Sometimes, I have to remind that to myself.

DSCF8896 - Kopie_DxO

Besides, I am working on diffrent projects by now, so this could be a reason if it gets sometimes “quiet” over here.

The day when these photos were taken was a foggy grey day. A little bit like this dres hahah. This day I went into my favourite vintage styled cafe. Always when I go there, I feel like I do leap in time. You feel back in the last century. I simply love this place. I love vinage in general. I love the thought of wearing or of being somewhere with a history. History makes everything just a little more interesting.

I grabbed this dress recently in the H&M sale. I was so happy when I saw it, the cut is so amazingly beautiful. I combined this with my go to bag and shoes.

It is (as usual when I write these posts) late at night, so I might stop this post by now.


SHOES- Vagabond

BAG- Furla




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