Today I will introduce you into the life changing magic of these shoes. Yeah, that might sound a little bit exaggerated, but let’s face it: when it comes to shoes, I am the living Cliché. I love shoes and believe me, when you wear a beautiful pair of shoes it will make you instantly feel better. Of course, some shoes cause pain but whoever said that shoes are just there for pleasure and not for pain? – Yeah, no one ever. Shoes are about pleasure AND pain. Not everything pretty is comfortable. That’s the truth, deal with it.

  1. PUMA Suede Sneaker

I am a really tiny person, so I don’t prefer to wear sneakers or any other kinds of flat shoes that often. In fact, it makes me feel like I am even smaller than I am. Sometimes even I feel like I want to wear sneakers. And if that happens once in a hundred days, I mostly go for these.. In fact, I wanted to buy them in black or white, but when I’ve seen them in this rose colour in store, I instantly fell in love. Even though they are beautiful, keeping the fabric clean is quite hard and takes a lot of time.

  1. Plateau Shoes from W.S Shoes

These shoes look like the Stella McCartney ones, but in fact they aren’t. I bought mine in a small independent shop in Amsterdam. I fell in love with the rose gold style. I don’t wear them that often, because they are likely got get broken more easily than others.

  1. ASOS heels

Whatever the concrete name of those amazing shoes might be, they are amazing anyways. I got this pair for my 19th Birthday. Of course they are not that comfortable, I can’t walk in them for a long time. They look so beautiful and extraordinary. I mostly wear them for going out 🙂

xx, Nina




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