Gingham Love

As you can obviously see this post might be about this Gingham thing right now. In every store (after this summer season) you have seen a lot of Gingham patterns (and when I say a LOT, I mean it). I have always been attracted by such patterns, so I was even luckier when you could finally find it everywhere:) you can be sure, that more Gingham posts are coming:).

I combined a cute Pinafore dress which is made out of Gingham with a Gingham denim Jacket, so it is basically Gingham overload, hahha. To round it up, I put on my Grunge Vagabond boots. The contrast of the different colors in the outfit really makes it.

Soooo, in general I consider it very difficult to describe my inspirations for this outfit here. My inspirations are like my deepest thoughts and we all know that it is hard to share something like that. Sometimes, I don`t even have a concrete source of inspiration, I just combine the pieces. We all got different sources of inspiration and in fact, that makes us ourselves. That is our individuality.

I could write about individuality now and how hard it can be to be yourself, but I am feeling like I did this a million times and I want to decade a special post to this big topic. Finding yourself has a huge impact on everybody and this deserves an extra post.

Okay, let´s be honest: I haven´t got much to tell you, except that I LOVE Gingham. So, let´s be continued for the next post which might bring hopefully more interesting content, hahah.
PINAFORE DRESS: Reclaimed Vintage
SHOES: Vagabond
Xx, Nina


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