Freedom Vibe


You might have noticed that the last summer breeze has left Europe and so did its freedom. For me, school has started again and I don´t actually miss the heat in central Europe, but honestly I miss the freedom. I miss to be spontaneous, to be free. Right now, my life is ruled by exams, tests and presentations (and their pressure and panic). I feel like this determination leads us to forget our identity and our creativity. Of course, it is a privilege to go to school, but to be determined by the fear to fail is not one. We start to compare ourselves to every possible person around us, without realizing that someone else´s success is not our failure. We shout start to focus on the individual and its strengths not its weaknesses.

In these pictures I tried to catch a freedom vibe. You might know that I am a huge Lana del Rey fan and I love her music, her style etc. The flower crown in this outfit was obviously inspired by her. I combined this flower crown with a loose embroiled dress and a vintage coat. I just wanted to create a special, festival like and unique look. Of course the flower crown is the absolute eye catcher and let´s be honest: it is fucking beautiful.  So, don´t be afraid to wear any kind of headpiece, if it is well chosen it will bring your outfit to the next level, trust me.

It´s been six days (or more) since my last post came up- I am sorry, but please understand that there is a lot more work in a post than you could ever imagine. I mostly write the texts in the night, because I don´t know how to manage it otherwise. Due to classes and learning I am a more determined than I want it to be. I am still working on this blog every single free minute- so please understand this .As you can guess, I am writing this at night and I am getting tired. That is basically all what is going on right now here.


FLOWER CROWN- handmade (not by me)


COAT- Vintage


Xx, Nina



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