Late night thoughts

It´s late at night and I try to be creative for writing this post, let´s see if it works out. I don´t have actually thoughts dedicated to this outfit, so let´s make the most out of it. This outfit contains grunge boots and sequins, so it is basically my slogan, hahaaaa.

Okay, let´s get started. I am wearing my go to Mango pants and my most facvourite blouse ever. I MEAN, LOOK AT IT. It is so beautiful. I love the Victorian Ruffles combined with the red colour, it´s just perfect. Moreover I am wearing my sequin jacket, which I love as well because I love everything with sequins. My hat is just there to make me look cute hahah.
The shoes- my babies. Those shoes were one of the first grunge inspired pieces I have ever bought. I just remember how proud I felt to wear them and obviously how cool I felt. I still get a boost of confidence when I wear them. They also make a short person like me look taller and believe me; this has a huge effect on your general appearance.

I love grunge and punk style. My biggest inspirations are Vivenne Westwood and Alexander McQueen. Without this source of inspiration, I wouldn´t be the person that I am today. That is the thing about inspiration: it changes you, the way you see things and the way you dress. When this process has become normal, which is likely to happen in times of social media like Instagram where you get an inspiration overload. Believe me, to understand yourself better always question your main source of inspiration because that might be the thing you love the most. Don´t feel under pressure because others find themselves way faster than you. Give yourself time. Without time you won´t develop at all. I did also take a lot of time and I don´t regret any single second of it.
Blouse- Sonia by Sonia Rykiel
Pants- Mango
Jacket- Zara
Hat: H&M
Bag: Furla (old)
Shoes: Vagabond
See ya,
Xx Nina


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