The golden hour


This outfit is inspired by the historic decade of the golden twenties and the indie scene vibe. I mean it is just inspired that doesn’t mean that I have copied a particular item. The headband and the golden details of the dress reminded me really of this. I combined it with a jacket from an independent label and I can`t express in words how much I love it.

I have actually planned to name this post “Coachella-Woodstock in my mind”, which is a song by Lana Del Rey. Honestly, the outfit and the atmosphere in this picture reminded me really of the records` vibe. The record is about a escape from the reality. Today, we all struggle with everything what`s happening in this world. We have all our little escapes from reality, where everything seems to be so free and careless. For some people it is a festival like the Coachella. For me sunsets are (apart from my usual escape places) also a escape. It is seeing the world’s beauty in a calm atmosphere.

However, we all have our little escapes to escape the reality or ourselves, but in fact we wish that we don`t need an escape. The world is so beautiful, why shouldn´t we live in peace together? A question which probably bothers the whole world. Anyway, I love these pictures and their atmosphere (maybe because I love the indie alternative scene haha).



DRESS: Minkie


JACKET: Magpie Vintage




SUNNIES: Independent label




xx, Nina


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