This dress


Long time no see, hahaha. You know, I am obsessed with clothes in general, but I am even more obsessed with dresses. So, in this post I show (as you can see) my current favorite dress. The “current” term, because I don`t really have a all time favorite dress, it changes a lot (I really mean A LOT).




This dress is incredibly beautiful and it is by a brand called “CICI London”. I didn`t buy it directly from them, I found it in the Topshop at the Oxford circus in London. By the way, this Topshop store is more than amazing and it has lots of independent brands in it, so you can spend an eternity there. This dress literally weights nothing due to its light fabric. It is really thin and it feels very light. It also has some kinda tulle fabric at the skirt part (I don`t describe how it looks here, because I am sure you can see it hahah).

This dress is so dreamy, it is so beautiful, and I literally adore it. I wore this at a Lana del Rey concert and it felt more than perfect for this occasion.

xx, Nina




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