Hello World


I am Nina and I am obsessed with fashion, travelling, creativity and writing. I see fashion and creativity as a high form of communication. That´s whay I start this blog. In this creative space I simply want to share everything what inspires me, what takes me, what obsesses me and soooo on:) If you love fashion as much as I do, this is your place.

The name “Quiestnina” is french and means “Who is Nina” in English. I picked this name after a long process of thinking. I wanted to pick something what describes me as a person and not my obsession/passion. First, I wanted to name myself “whoisnina” but this name was already taken. Then, I simply replaced the “whois” with its french equivalent “quiest” and the name “quiestnina” was created. That`s it.

To be continued.

xx, Nina



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